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Phone: (833) LABTAIN
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Meet Labtain, your single source for professional lab equipment removal.

Precision is critical when you’re setting up your new lab equipment. Removing it from your facility should be seamless too.

Time is valuable when new equipment arrives at your facility. Through our streamlined planning process and shipping expertise, your used lab equipment can be moved out of your facility within days.  

What’s your lab equipment worth?

Having unused equipment taking up space or in storage is only costing you money, money that you can reinvest into new items you’ll actually use!

Depending on the condition, we may be willing to buy all of your lab equipment in one purchase. One seamless transaction means you can focus on setting up your new equipment. Storing your old lab equipment becomes a non-issue.

Why choose us?

Without the proper research and understanding the market value for used lab equipment, you may waste valuable time trying to get it sold, out of your inventory, and off of your property. Through experience and the proper research, we can quickly identify the market value of your used lab equipment so you don't have to waste time. This will expedite removal. 

When OHSU Scientists needed help and had to act fast, we developed a swift plan and offered a fair price for all of the equipment. Instead, the facility manager attempted to sell one piece at a time to get more money. Unfortunately, he received less value for the lab equipment and lost valuable time. He told us he wished he would have acted on our single-source solution.

If you’re thinking about discarding your old lab equipment into the landfill, let’s talk! Labtain offers sustainable options for small laboratories and startups looking for inexpensive lab equipment. Even if the equipment needs repair, that’s OK.

Not sure what to do with your used lab equipment?

Step 1

Evaluate lab Equipment

Find out what your equipment is worth

Step 2

Develop a plan

Determine a buyout and removal plan

Step 3

Acquisition Process

Get paid and prepare equipment

Step 4

Schedule Shipping

Professional shipping for a seamless pickup

I am in charge of Surplus Laboratory equipment for a regional healthcare system. The team from Labtain has been great to work with the last four and a half years. They have been respectful of my equipment and time. They pay a fair price. Labtain always pays at the time of purchase at the agreed to price. Labtain has been a reliable buyer. They make arrangements quickly to pick up the items purchased. They have been flexible when I have needed them to be. Such as going directly to a facility to pick up equipment when it couldn’t be brought to my facility in a timely manner.


Equipment Specialist, Kaiser Permanente

Our Lab had to be moved. We had multiple pieces of equipment that needed removal. After getting in touch with Labtain, Stan gave me a price on the PCR machines, Electrophoresis units, Centrifuges, Fluorometers, Pipettes, and much more. Their price seemed lower than expected but after doing more digging. I realized the prices were fair for second-hand items. After we agreed on a price I received the funds in a timely manner and the removal process began. They came in with proper moving equipment and had the unwanted equipment removed quickly. The process was easy. I will be contacting Labtain in the future when we have more surplus equipment.

Zheng, Genfact